Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Physical Therapy at The Highlands III

This self proclaimed Latin King

flaunts his rule bending

“I am mucho macho” Jose grins

as patients struggle to follow

his dictates: more, once more, again

always requiring they push past

limitations. He always has the last

word at home. We guess ”yes dear”

as he is both chef and bus boy,

knows how to cajole and distract

us from our pain, our fear, that

long mouthed grin pushes arroz cheeks

against ancient frijoles negros eyes

watching grown ups toddle, twist

and sway, recalling what yesterday

yielded and what tomorrow can bring:

strength. If not sun, then surely his smile

Akua Lezli Hope

1 comment:

Lynn Park said...

"then surely his smile" is a grace-filled line

you do fine, difficult work

i'm glad we've "met," despite the necessitating circumstances